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The Pharmaceutical and Medical industries are beginning to embrace Digital Marketing

From Webinars to campaigns on social networks – there is so much room for the
Medical and Pharmaceutical industries in Digital Marketing. What should be
done? How? Where should it be done? The first article in the series …

eyal blog

Eyal Marcus, CEO of Splash – Smart Digital Marketing

eyal blog

Eyal Marcus, CEO of Splash – Smart Digital Marketing

Despite very rigid boundaries and fierce competition, Pharmaceutical and Medical industries still
have plenty of room to step into the world of Digital Marketing. Promoting on social networks,
digital campaigns, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, promoting content – all these can add new
angles to content, and new creative forms, to the traditional marketing of Pharmaceutical and
Medical industries. The same traditional marketing, which relies heavily on professional
conferences, personal contacts and medical representatives, will soon undergo major changes
due to changes in regulations in Israel.

Webinars in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the past, Pharmaceutical companies would bring doctors to seminars and professional
meetings, and spend a lot of resources on marketing, hosting, refreshments and professional

In recent years, professional conferences are moving to Digital, using webinars that allow for
resource savings. Truthfully? Using webinars makes sense. The doctors present during
webinars can access the professional content from home or the office, through a computer or
mobile phone, and save time and effort. The savings in resources are also true for the doctors
who give the webinar and for those who participate. These savings are also true for
companies that initiate professional webinars.

Being present at a “live” webinar has added value in the form of questions that can be asked
of doctors or specialists that are giving the webinar. And what about for those who aren’t
present in real-time? They can get the video clip and watch at the most convenient time and
place (and miss out on the ability to ask questions in real-time).


Recently we produced for a large client in the Pharmaceutical field (we won’t mention names)
two webinars in the field of Acute and Broad Spectrum Medicine. The challenge was clear –
the target audience is not technologically advanced in many cases, and requires close
guidance – both for the doctors giving the webinar and for the doctors viewing it. However,
when we saw the webinar in action, and the doctors viewing it, our jaws dropped in
amazement. There’s no doubt, in the very near future, the Pharmaceutical industry will
increase its use of webinars. They are simply doing what makes sense.


Medical and Pharmaceutical companies – Marketing for Doctors, Procurement Managers, and
Hospital Directors
One of the biggest challenges is reaching a specific target audience in Israel and the world.
Family physicians, doctors specializing in Diabetes and more, they are a limited target audience, and we need to reach them, and only them (as regulations demand this), with
sophisticated tools. Promotion on Facebook, LinkedIn, Newsletters, Google – all these can be
used to reach limited target audiences, with precise messages.
The Medical Device industry is also beginning to make extensive use of Digital Marketing
tools. Marketing in the Medical Industry is targeted B2B marketing (Business to Business) that
enables reaching audiences such as hospital directors, procurement managers, clinic
directors, physicians, surgeons and more on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and more.
In these places, it is also important to create familiarity with your brand, and not just in relation
to a specific solution. Branding is also important in the Medical industry.
Marketing for the general public
Huge companies create campaigns in the Medical industry for the general public through
Demand Generation moves. The goal is to brand companies in specific fields, even without
specifying solutions and drugs (which sometimes cannot be explicitly stated).

In this way, for example, a pharmaceutical company launching a large-scale diabetes
campaign, without mentioning drugs, will invest resources so that customers will consume
information and generate value from content that will help them, they will understand the value
of purchasing the drug of the company that is advertising and even ask the primary care
physician, at the next visit, for drugs from the company advertised.
And of course, there is additional value – when doctors see the massive campaign, which is
promoted to the sick public, they are also influenced by the value and the branding of the


To illustrate the use of digital content, we have collected a few examples of Social campaigns
of Pharmaceutical companies from abroad.
For example, take a look at Johnson & Johnson's international campaign, promoted. among
other things, on social networks, to the general public. The campaign is trying to break the
stigma regarding mental illness through interesting content and appropriate designs.

post example 2
post example 6

GSK in a campaign for Asthma patients. Without mentioning drugs or solutions, but with a lot
of value for patients and their families.

example post
post example 5

Novartis’ campaign for Psoriasis patients, with impressive mini-site and personal stories:

post example 3

Digital Marketing enables you to reach the right people, at the right time and in the right place.
We would love to talk to you about Digital activities.