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If you’re a B2B company, you
understand the value of each
and every person you’re able
to sway in your direction.

Splash knows the
deal, and knows the
art of the deal as well.

We develop professional
content and dive deep into
your desired customer base,
digest the material, understand
the complexities, and feed your
clientele with the information
necessary to make them
hungry for your company.

B2B is a world of its

Having a good product or
service is simply not good
Our goal It is to provide you
with consistent and effective


 promoting relationships with
your brand, and of course –
Lead generation.

We’ve worked with different
companies involving intricate
industries such as cyber,
analytics, information
technology and even
companies in the couching
games and wholesale linen

Offis textileis Is the last bed linen
factory in Israel, selling to B2C
customers in Israel, and B2B
outside of Israel (with clients such
as Zara Home, Brooklinen,

Pottery barn, etc).
We lead the local and global
marketing - strategy, creative,
social channels management (FB,
Instagram and Linkedin) & Content
and Lead-Gen campaigns -
targeting Europe, north America,
Latin America and Australia.

SAP Israel is a leading cloud
business software company, with
top-of-the-line solutions, including
ERP, CRM, HR and more, for local
B2B start-ups, companies, and
organizations across multiple
industries. We help the
organization with its digital
marketing efforts by managing,
creating content, creatives,
strategy and optimization of their
social presence on Facebook and
Instagram, and its local cross-
channel awareness and lead-
generation campaigns.

Points of You is a global Israeli
brand and an inspiring Israeli
success story. The brand offers
therapists and coaches a number
of games, seminars, methodologies
and a professional academy.

We are in charge of brand
awareness through social channels
(FB, LK, Instagram) and Lead Gen
campaigns in Latin America, North
America, Europe and Asia,
generating more than 1000 global
leads every month.


Are you seeking to reach a
worldwide audience, or stay
local within your area of

With a wide variety of clients all
over the globe, across Europe,
USA, Israel, Asia and more, we
can offer you services no
matter where your target
audiences may be.

What do you need?

What are you looking for as a
B2B brand?

Are you seeking to increase
traffic/awareness/sales etc.?

What kind of product or service
do you provide?

What we can do
for you

We offer a select amount of
services for each and every one
of our clients in order to
achieve the maximum potential
for every partnership that